Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Spice

Being truly one of the 10 absolutely perfect days a year-- slightly cool, sunny, and with a warm fall breeze-- and as I was pushing this sweet baby in a stroller, wrapped in my fuzzy hoody, but still able to wear flip flops with my jeans... From blocks away I could smell the espresso wafting from the little local coffee shop. The magnetism was too hard to resist.. I broke down, splurged, and bought the most glorious 16oz Grande Pumpkin Spice 2% Latte with Whipped Cream (and full caffeine) -- I thought I showed CONSIDERABLE restraint with my 2% milk choice over whole milk. The barista made it exactly right and every steaming sip was autumnal grandeur incarnate...

Let me just say, a latte is never quite as splendid as 6 weeks into Living Lean.  We were $200 under our grocery/dining budget last month (clearly no extra treats).  I am down 6 pounds and could literally taste each decadent calorie (380 total) with every drop.  This was not the moment to dwell on the future 120 minutes of brisk walking required to burn it off... This was a Moment to Simply Savor...

And fueled by the Magic (or caffeine- who can tell?) of a fore mentioned latte... I proceeded to fuel yet another dangerous passion... My love of Spring Bulbs...

I love their happy. bright, never-ending array of colors. 
I love that they are inexpensive and never need to be watered.
I love that they come back every year but if they don't, I'd never know. 
I love that I don't ever remember where I planted them so in the spring I am always pleasantly surprised to see their green little buds popping up all over.
I love that some are early and some are late and some are large and some are naturalized into the lawn.
I love when they circle trees and bunch in little garden bouquets.
I love to plant them as leaves fall around me, carrying a promise that winter will end. 
I love to see glimpses of them peeking through when the weather finally breaks.

I accidentally bought 260 -- to add to my already quite large collection.  Good thing I didn't pass a shoe sale or art fest or used book store with the Magic coursing through my veins... I'm not sure claiming, "the 16oz Grande Pumpkin Spice 2% Latte with Whipped Cream made me do it" is a good justification, even in my own magically latte altered mind... 

Maybe an Early Mother's Day Gift?  Or maybe I should capitalize on the Magic, stop blathering, pull out fall decorations, put away the laundry, and clean this place up?!?!

Holding out hope that my DH (or the blog grammar police) don't read this particular post, not because I'm ashamed of the splurges... but because I have seriously over used the suspension point and dash in this non-sense -- Now, I shall really cross the line and add an emoticon to complete the casual writing tri-fecta :0)

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