Thursday, April 19, 2012

Throw It All Away

 Maybe it is my early love of the Velveteen Rabbit or the letter R, but I get seriously excited about this week.  I'm done with the facade.  YES, I have a small mental list and am a little more than excited to drive down the streets during unlimited garbage week; I've been taking the long way in hopes that I'll find a more perfect little wooden end table for beside the reading chair or possibly some new garden pots (don't worry friends, I generally pull into the driveway so as not to block up traffic)*.

It's Earth Week, for those of you who don't have school dwelling children and are hence not currently bombarded with The Eco Lunch Nazi (that was me yesterday, and let me apologize publicly for accidentally over-enforcing the guidelines when I didn't realize that "waste-free / no garbage / no recycling" was making exception with the school milk.  I hope that I did not inadvertently crush your child's spirit while zealously fulfilling my liberal eco-freak agenda duty.  Any cursing about me being a socialist / granola / tree-hugging / fanatic was warranted and expected.  Sorry.  I hope we can still be friends). 

That said, in conjunction (probably coincidentally although I'd like to think it is all part of a master plan) with Earth week, our town does an "unlimited garbage day" once a year.  Normally we get one can but on this very special day, ANYTHING can be put out at the curb: Couches, tables, beds, toilets, construction material... you name it, it is out on the curbs.  Homeowners start nearly a week before, piling their year of refuse and discards on the parkways, and my eco-heart gives an excited thump when I see it.