Thursday, August 15, 2013

Air-Duct Cleaning

Yesterday the arteries of our home were cleaned out, and I mean really cleaned out; like basically an angioplasty of our air-ducts.

Recently, we got a new furnace.  The previous furnace was so old that my husband was quite confident that if we opened up the avocado green casing we would discover two cave men rubbing sticks together.  It was helicopter loud, smelled nasty, and very very un-efficient (I realize it should be inefficient, but in this case I want to make it clear that this is actually the exact opposite of efficiency).  We nursed this poor furnace for years and then one Friday in January, I came home from work, the kids were doing their homework; I said, "OMG!  Aren't you guys freezing!?  What is with the heat?!  Did you leave a door open?!"  Being that they are my kids (read earlier blog about them never being cold), they said they didn't notice.  It wasn't even 55 in the house.  Our faithful little cavemen had officially quit for good.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Credit Karma: a Review

I'm no Dave Ramsey, but I will admit, I kinda like paying bills.  Now this "like", is akin to taking out the garbage or organizing the garage or gardening or perfectly folded laundry or house cleaning or meal planning.  I don't relish paying bills like reading a book on the back patio with a summer breeze on my face and a cool drink in my hand, but I do love the results:  a balanced spreadsheet and a solid but realistic financial budget.  I like the harmony that only comes from reconciled living within our means and still being simply, comfortably, and peacefully happy (if I'm honest, probably even happier than if we had unlimited funds).

Please don't get the wrong idea, we aren't the greatest with money ever: