Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rock-Bottom Sunsets

To many of you, this won't come as surprise but recently it has come to my attention that my personal "rock bottom" is really pretty shallow.  I know a lot of people who live their baseline lives well under my melt-down point and survive quite nicely.  They have a spouse who travels or works long hours or is unsupportive; they taxi 4 kids to 3 travel sports each.  Work crazy hours.  Live at fast-food chains.  They don't remember the last time they watched a TV series on Netflix or read a novel or went on vacation or rearranged or had someone over unplanned or "dated".  They squeeze in their cardio while paying their bills.  Bills are a challenge to pay and their homes are cluttered.  Their time is all scheduled.  Their life a swirling happy, crazy, blur of excitement and activity.  But that just isn't me (or us).  I am not judging those people  I love that everyone is different.  Truthfully, if I'm reflective:  I am nearly jealous of them.