Friday, December 21, 2012

Over-sized Reverse Dimple

I sincerely believe every child / person is brilliant in their own way (some just keep it really well hidden), but there is something special about our daughter.  She has this weird internal (glittery) glow that is all her own.  Her touch calms people.  Her quick smile is a jumble of messed up teeth but is always sweet and confident.  She talks to anyone and puts them at ease. She draws people together and brings out the best.  Even the lunch ladies love her but her unique perspective is nothing short of brilliant.  She is more than a glass half full kind of person.  Her glass is over-flowing, except when it is not, and then it spills all over the table and floor and is a big messy puddle of pepto pink-- her melt-downs are rare, but when they happen, they REALLY happen.

Anyway, she has this little lump on her face.  She thought it was a pimple but I think it is probably the start of a mole.  She asked what a mole is, and unfortunately, I have a lot of examples.  (Thank you strong and unrelenting gene pool -- as if being plagued with heart disease is not enough).  I showed her this one that has bothered me, probably since I was her age (9), on my cheekbone.  Her response,

"Oh!  So it is just an over-sized reverse dimple.  Awesome."

I'll probably never think of a mole the same way again, for the better.  And just like in all of life, a little tweak in perspective can make a world of difference.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like getting into the "Spirit of Christmas" is a challenge this year especially.  I nearly feel guilty to even feign celebration when some have lost so much, but these are the moments to truly embrace, to find a shift in perspective:  Taking the camera of life off the auto setting... the same image in the view-finder, just a different (and not necessarily my, or the world's, default) focus... and if that doesn't change things enough, an altered white balance, exposure, and contrast to bring out even just the slightest hint of glittery glow:

Laugh Lines in a face of Wrinkles
Colored Lights at the Darkest Season of the Year
Comfort in the softness of Love Handles
Math skills garnered from Video Games
Stories told from Scars
the Sky while a Storm is waging
Adventure despite Mishaps
the Marbles in the Rubble
Richness of life without Money
Lyrics born in Heartache
Friendships forged a midst Strife
Moments of Peace in total Crisis
Simplicity in a world of Excesses
portals of Light in Blackness
glimpses of Love at times of War
Helpers during Tragedy
a divided nation bonded through love of our children

the over-sized reverse dimples in moles

    Wishing You, Your Family, and the World 
    Peace & Love & Hope & Enlightenment
    During the Longest Night of the Year 
    End of the Mayan Calendar
    the Start of Winter Solstice
    the Last Day of School before the Holidays

    -and the forever changed lives of all children -


    1. Beautiful post today, Kelly. You are indeed blessed to have that glittery, glowing glass over-flowing girl in your family. We feel so lucky to know her!

    2. Kelly...your daughter really does have that glow. With my daughter being a fellow shorty, I remember them standing next to each other at the kindergarten singing show before I knew your dd. I remember asking other moms, who that absolutely sparkling little girl was. She really does stand out and I sm super glad to have gotten to know her over the years. Erin B

    3. Loved reading this and knowing your DD makes it all the more special! Love to all.