Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Words With Friends

Recently I've been playing a lot of Words with Friends.  I've always loved the official game of Scrabble and decided that I needed another (more mobile) vice to help me procrastinate.  The muses that I had were getting kind of boring.

I started playing Words shortly before Alec Baldwin
helped it gain popularity by getting kicked off a flight for allegedly being so consumed with the game that he couldn't stop playing for take-off and was hence-forth asked to leave the plane.  If you haven't watched the SNL footage of the AA pilot apologizing to Alec, please take a moment and do so now.

In Alec's defense, the game is really fun.  Every time a friend plays (even when I am not winning), I get all excited and can't wait to figure out my next move.  Not quite worth getting kicked off a plane, but still a good time.  That said, I think the game could use a little tweaking and would be way funnier if we all wrote a sentence with the word just played.  For example:

"My DH would GEEK out if our 10 year old ever took out the recycling."

"As a GENTILE, I really enjoy the Christmas season."

"ZINGY.  Just like I prefer my salad dressing and my man."

"Brian BESTED me when he used the word "relievo" on his last move but I am curious if he knows what "relievo" means (especially seeing spell-check does not recognize it) or if he could use it in a sentence without the help of Google."

For extra credit, one could use all of the words just played:

"With perfectly SIZED MOPS packed into the VAN, our family pulled out our Zippy ZITHERS and VOWED to practice incessantly (within REASON) so that someday, our talent could be GAUGED as high quality enough to make beautiful music for that TAWNY man Conan."

*PS - If you are playing WWF with me (not to be confused with WWWF, which I am frankly not into), please don't feel like you need to write a sentence in order to put down an obscure word.  I just thought the idea was funny.

**PSS - and for those ultra-productive judgmental people out there, WWF and Scrabble are my only internet games.  I (mostly) play them when I am waiting, like in the line at the grocery store (granted I do sometimes pick a seemingly long line with an inefficient cashier), and I'd like to think that it makes me a better person.  For example, did I know that GOX means Gaseous Oxygen before this?  Well no, I did not.  Thanks to the literary wonders of Dr. Seuss, I thought it was an animal, as in:

I like to box.
How I like to box!
So, every day, I box a GOX.
In yellow socks I box my GOX.
I box in yellow GOX box socks.

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