Friday, January 13, 2012

I Hate GS Cookies

Okay, I know, a little harsh.  I'm not normally snarky (at least publicly-- in private after a couple glasses of wine is sometimes another story) but I Hate Girl Scout Cookies^.
I don't like
eating them.  I don't like serving them or storing them, and I really don't like selling them.  I'm pretty sure that I heard someone ask why?!?!  Well thanks for asking, let me tell you,
  1. We sell them in January; Hence, we freeze our tushes off when we visit the neighbors and everyone in their right mind is tapped out after gaining 9 pounds from homemade holiday sweets (maybe that is just me and my DH).
  2. Basically, it is as if we are sending an adorably cute, impossible to refuse, little devils in a sash door-to-door because, YES, it is  JANUARY and people are trying their hardest to keep their New Year's Resolutions, which inevitably include:
    1. Not Spending Money
    2. Not Eating Sweets
  3. Oh right, it is JANUARY, so we just saw our friends & family (who might consider buying cookies if only because they love my Dear Daughter) in DECEMBER but aren't officially supposed to sell cookies until JANUARY.
  4. The Girls Scout organization prides itself on teaching good habits, of which eating processed cookies containing all sorts of things I can't pronounce is generally considered (even by the FDA), not a good habit.
  5. Personally, I don't even like the cookies.  I think they taste like cardboard.
Yes, these are 2 boxes from LAST year
I know that I am not alone in this, I am not saying something shocking.  I don't think there is a mom on earth who likes selling stuff for kids clubs but the cookies are crazy.  Now I know that Girl Scouts are not forced to sell cookies like some clubs.  Thankfully I don't need to sit outside the grocery store, but can't they make a change (besides what company manufactures the cookies and adding "Savannah Smiles")?  People don't want cookies.  Maybe specialty nuts or some crackers or trail mix or how about Girl Scout Fruit Snacks?!

After that RAVE review, my very cute little girl, who LOVES being a Brownie, is excited to go door to door and sell cookies.  If anyone wants some, please let me know and she will stop by.  She doesn't really appreciate being the only GS to sell 2 boxes***.

^ (and not because they support planned parenthood)
*okay - maybe not freezing this year, if I had started on January 2nd like I was supposed to.

**Sorry about the rant, especially sorry to all of my friends (many which are Dear Friends, Frugal Mentors, and comprise most of my limited readership) whom are troop leaders.  I appreciate what you do.  I know that you have nothing to do with the cookie portion.  My DD LOVES Girl Scouts and I love what it teaches her (you should see her sew)!  It is really just the cookie sales where I have issue, and it is mostly just because they are cookies.  She does not mind the cookies at all and I obviously don't discuss this around her or her friends. 

***Both boxes to her grandmother, who leaves them at work.  Her Aunt and Uncle actually just donated $20 and asked if their cookies could be sent to the troops.

I realize that this isn't a recipe, game, book, craft, or frugal tip.  My year of Friday morning blogging is already a let down.  Turns out, my real life (not during a holiday break) might be too busy to make weekly promises.  Probably best if I don't quit my day job to become a legendary blogger. 

Did I mention that with all of the holiday clean-up, I happen to have lost the form and the envelope?  My fear is that it (including the $20) has been recycled, along with everything else.  My poor DS has told his teacher, "My mom recycled it," so many times that I believe he can't say it without an obligatory eye-roll.

February 14th, 2012 UPDATE - Girl Scout cookies are in and I must admit, those tagalongs are pretty hard to refuse. 

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