Friday, January 20, 2012

Lovin' Plum

If you haven't read in awhile and have a goal to get back into books (or start for the first time), the Stephanie Plum Series is a fun place to begin. Stephanie is an "independent" woman who needs all the help she can get from a myriad of fantastically entertaining characters.  She is consummately broke, totally tenacious, and an endearing (albeit unlikely) heroine.  The series is a really enjoyable combination of comedy, romance, and mystery.

WOW! that first paragraph is so generic that it sounds exactly like one of my Balderdash answers!  I might need to spruce up my book recommendation delivery.

WARNING:  These books are a little racy, but in a fun and non-offensive way.  There is some language and a bunch of moderate sexual references, very few between married couples.  I'm not giving anything away here, but Grandma Mazur carries a gun and is a little boy crazy.  Stephanie is constantly torn between
two slightly dangerous men and she works with an ex-hooker.  Honestly, it is all very tastefully done and the combination of characters makes for great scenarios*.

Personally, the moment Janet Evanovich publishes a new book, I've put myself on the library waiting list,** and when it comes in, I dedicate a whole evening just to sit in front of the fire and read with a glass of wine.  I think there are 18+ in the series, but don't let that feel over-whelming.  These are NOT deep, meaningful, life-changing books that motivate one to become a better person.  These books read quickly*** and at points are laugh out loud funny, sort of like reading a sitcom.  Very little carries from one book to the next, pretty much just the characters, which are very easily distinguished.

As always, I recommend that you read the book before seeing the movie.  One for the Money is in the theaters next week.  I can't wait.  That said, maybe Katherine Heigl will surprise me, but I am not thrilled with the casting choice unless she had put on a couple pounds for the role.  Lula looks PERFECT.

*In normal conversation, I always talk to my reading friends about what they are into now and what they loved; these books were recommended by many.  They are so enjoyable and I was more than a little sad when I was all caught up to the latest book. They are non-offensive enough that even my grandma enjoys them, then again, if my grandma was an actress I could totally see her playing Grandma Mazur.

**I rarely buy books anymore.  With an English minor, major, and masters in the house, we have a CRAP load of books that we keep moving in extraordinarily heavy boxes from one house to the next (Thank God for brother-in-laws who work for pizza and beer).  We have a very nice bookshelf with some classics and favorites but I just love our local public library.  Our weekly trips are fun, free, and I don't have to store anything.

***Evanovich reads so quickly that often times I curl up on the couch while my DH and son are watching a game and pretty much finish the book before NFL Sunday is over (even with a couple distractions and chili).  It makes for a perfect end to the week.

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