Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Onions & Illness

As I'm always trying to find the most natural approach to health, I was really kind of excited rather than the typical wary (--although admittedly, I did stop reading and start skimming around the 2nd paragraph) when I received the following email forward circulating the Suburban Circuit.  Maybe you received the same email, and as a servant of the Frugal People out there, I felt the obligation to deal with this Sub-Urban Legend head on and share my own version of FMC Myth Busters:

To which a Dear Friend of mine (AC to protect the innocent), 
who happens to work in the healthcare industry Replied to All:

Hi all,  Well, I passed this on to my Dad who is one of the top 5 food safety experts in the world (not that I mean to brag, but to give some credibility to the answer below) and this was his response:

Surely this is meant to be a joke. The advice and examples in the article are typical of the myths existing in the 1400-1600s. The beliefs existed well into the twentieth century among certain cultural groups. Some used garlic to ward off disease. The only thing I agree with is that most commercial mayos are adjusted for pH and the acid is sufficient that salmonellae and other bacterial pathogens actually die. If the mayo, however, is put on potatoes and other high pH foods, the acid in the mayo is likely to be neutralized by the potatoes and other ingredients in potato salad and certain bacterial pathogens could multiply. The chemist might know chemistry but he fails as a food microbiologist. There so many errors and misinformation the guidance is laughable. I'd put my bet on a flu shot to avoid the flu. I frequently cut onions and use portions over the next several days. I put them in ziplock bags so they don't stink up the frig.

To Which I REPLY to ALL:

Well AC,
FYI - I never took you as a spoil-sport!  Look at you, pulling out all sorts of "experts," "logic," and "research," and on MY birthday week of all times! (which is a week that by the laws of nature, there is no logic allowed!)  Not fair.  I prefer to take the 18th century voodoo approach to ALL of my health care... I don't need no stinking "science" to "prove" if something is effective or not!  Gesh!  I'll sleep with onions, and you get your flu shot and lets see who gets sick!  It's on A.C.  It's on.

Lady Kelly / Simple Sanity

PS -- Myth or not, I do swear that if I go to Lalos and consume:
1)  the big bowl of the chicken soup with lime
2)  2 salsas with adequate chips
3)  the whole container of the carrots, onions, garlic, jalapeno thingy - marinated in vinegar
4)  drink a medium gold margarita, on the rocks, no salt... 
I ward off whatever illness is about to befall me.  Just saying.

PSS - my kids will be thrilled.  When I told them they would be sleeping next to onions the next time a plague is going around, they both said in unison, "I would rather be throwing up with the flu."

As a side note to AC especially (if you ever read this) and all my Suburban Mom friends-- Love you all to death.  Thanks for making this crazy life so much more fun.  Must test Lalo's Theory soon.  Love from your token Bleeding Heart Liberal(s).


  1. So funny! And I am now craving a Large gold margarita...

    1. I know, right?! I poured a sangria but it just isn't the same. Now I need to go to Lalo's. <3 to you! You are the best... okay, now that could be the sangria with no food in my system starting to talk :0) but you are the best...