Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Intro: All You Need is Love


We are very much in love.  If I really analyze it, we probably appear to be that annoying, sappy, and nearly pathetic couple that one can't help but roll their eyes back at and say, "Seriously?!  Is that for real?!"  But the more you get to know us, for better or for worse, it is evident that this is for real (or an insanely dedicated scam).

I have a hobby of observing happy couples.  I just can't help it.  I've watched young and old; new love and mature love; the casually happy and safely comfortable.   I've observed couples balance each other out perfectly and become each other’s ying and yang.  The mac to their cheese.  The sunshine of their life.  The Simon to their Garfunkle (kind of a many layered example since they had success together and then Paul Simon went on his own and had his best work with only pulling Garfunkle in for reunion tours).  I've seen people become the best version of themselves when supported by a devoted relationship and I've sadly witnessed the inverse when a relationship is more destructive, codependent, and enabling than empowering. We've been married 15 years and although I can't claim that every year has been magically blissful, they tend to be trending better and better toward happily ever after... but it isn't by chance or luck or just love.

This year falls at kind of a fortunate time with Lent and Valentine's Day Eve on the same day (unless you are giving up chocolate for Lent, then it is a bit complicated).  It is a naturally perfect time to dedicate the next 40 days (or at least the long weekend) to Love - but more specifically, marriage. It is cold and dark and hence an ideal time to rekindle what might be starting to suffer.  Obviously, every relationship is different and has different nuances that make it tick but these are habits that I've observed along the road of being mostly happily married-- because although the Beatles have a catchy tune and Love is super important, it is probably not quite all you need.

I'm going to try my first mini-series and share a habit / mini blog / blog Jr. / blog-ette / every day from Valentine's Day Eve until the end of February -- or I run out of love ideas or I get bored with it or my DH and I get in a huge fight or my real life needs to take priority.  These aren't necessarily new or revolutionary or earth shattering, but hopefully not too terribly cliche and just gentle reminders.  I want to spread the Love!  Maybe it will be contagious!  An epidemic of happy couples would be awesome.

Below is the Mini Love Series so Far (in order):

  1. I'm in the Mood for Love / Setting the Atmosphere 
  2. Something in the Way She Moves / Getting Your Flirt Back On 
  3. Dance Dance Dance / Keep Dating (each other) 
  4. Magic Carpet Ride / Clean Your Room! 
  5. Sugar Magnolia / Be Grateful
  6. So What?! / Healthy Communication
  7. Message in a Bottle / Notes & Texting
  8. Let's Spend the Night Together / Physical Intimacy
  9. Better Together / Emotional Intimacy & Individuality
  10. Going to the Chapel / Regularly Recommitting to Marriage

More links will be added to this intro page as the blogs post. Remember that this isn't a check list!  Not everything works for every couple.  These are just ideas that I've either experienced or watched other happy couples exhibit.  Don't be over-whelmed or discouraged... I just want you to enjoy life and your marriage... in whatever stage you are in.

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  1. I am gonna love this series! Even with nearly 40 years of marriage, there is always something new to learn :)

    1. I do admittedly feel a little inadequate to write this mini-series with only 15 mostly happy years under our belt... especially when I know so many couples who have much more experience with marriage, but I thought about it and decided that I should write about this stage anyway. I'm sure after 40 years, I will look back at these and remember this season fondly but hopefully have a whole new mini-series ;0)