Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm in the Mood for Love

1 - Setting the Atmosphere

I'm not saying the house needs to be all Barry White, red silk, and candles to have a happy marriage but it is a rough start when the house is bursting with chaos (and not the fun kind) on a regular basis.  I remember when our son was first born and he was awful and I was a mess.  I would be sobbing and asking my husband why he would want to come home from work to this.  There are days when there is no choice but utter chaos, especially as a parent but if you find that is the norm, it is probably time to reassess and make some changes.  It doesn't need to be perfect, and it might take a little time and a little effort, but try adding qualities that make walking into your home a relief from the world:
  • It can be an expensive project like a relaxing fireplace or an outdoor patio.  Think of your most soothing and romantic place on earth, and try to replicate what you can, even if it is just an enlarged print of it :0)
  • It can be just a little effort, like turn on some music; try all different genres and playlists; maybe even one labeled "Love Songs" that remind you of times and places and concerts and feelings when you've been to together.  
  • Mostly, it is an attitude, like when your spouse walks in, try to actually stand up, greet, and kiss on lips.  Every day.  In front of the kids.   
  • Make a real attempt to hold back the barrage of awful issues that need attention at least until everyone has time to happily greet each other.
  • Avoid saying “Wait until your mother/father gets home!” as if it is a threat; it really puts a damper on the mood of love if there is impending doom. 
  • Personally, a glass of red wine, a little perfume, and some lip gloss always remind me to be in the mood for love...
Which leads nicely into the theme for tomorrow... See you at 6:30am...
Getting Your Flirt Back On

I'm in the Mood for Love (if you been reading since the beginning, this isn't a new post , I just separated it from the intro to keep things organized )

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