Thursday, February 14, 2013

Something in the Way She Moves

2 - Getting Your Flirt Back On

Flirting is the gentle art of making someone feel pleased with themselves -- Helen Rowland

Getting your flirt back on means that you might need to rewind a bit in your memory, preferably not all the way back to the middle school era (stealing  pencils, frivolous hair flipping, and hip checking each other into lockers are not terribly effective ways to make someone feel special), but remember how you acted when you wanted nothing more than to impress someone?  Your now partner?! You want to show your absolute best side and make them feel special; start with cleaning up and taking care of yourself.  This doesn't necessarily mean squeezing into your chic clothes or buying something new, in fact, it isn't really about how you look at all, but more about how you act and feel and make your partner feel.  Never-the-less, try to do the best you can with what you have at this stage of life (for me it is my nice yoga pants) 
  • Put on some perfume and maybe some lip gloss
  • Pour a glass of wine (or water into a wine glass if you don't like wine - GASP!)
  • Then start to include kind teasing
  • Winks or little smiles across the room
  • Little physical touches, especially secret or really subtle ones
  • Inside jokes, laugh together, have fun, play games
  • Opening doors (yes, even when at home)
  • Try really hard to cater to little needs
  • Stand and sit a little closer
  • Let your partner see "College Karen" or "B-rad" -- your fun alter-ego
  • If all else fails, basically:  pretend to be in a classic movie
It might be awkward at first if you are out of practice, but it is great sport (we just watched Downton Abbey and I’m feeling my inner Britt coming out) and WAY more fun than complaining at each other.  You are never too old to flirt.  In fact it could just be me, but it must get easier as you get older.  Some of the old ladies in my life are some of the most fun flirty people that I know; they have mastered the art of making other people feel special.  You will get more creative with practice, until it is just the way you always interact with your partner.  Don't let commitment stop you from flirting with each other; it is free and fun and makes your partner feel loved.  Today (Valentine's Day) is a great and natural time to re-start!

Honestly, in this season of life, carrying up the laundry bin constitutes as flirting for me.  We have an inside joke (not so inside now) where I will say to my DH, "Do you want to go to Costco with me?" and he will reply, "Oh My!  Mrs. V!  Are you flirting with me?!" 

Which leads into tomorrow’s topic!  See you tomorrow at 6am!!

Dance Dance Dance

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